Full Strength

FULL STRENGTH is Minnesota’s best off-ice strength training program!

FULL STRENGTH has a different “prescription” than the rest of the training facilities out there. We take pride in offering a personalized experience in a small group setting. We are also the only facility to use the science behind strength training to produce results that speak for themselves.

The science we refer to is called “periodization” and it means each set and repetition is based off of individualized percentages. These percentages change frequently after “testing” days and depending on the time of year so that a training “plateau” is never encountered.

Athletes and parents also enjoy the testing that accompanies the training as it clearly lays out the progress that is being made. We go the extra mile to ensure that the athlete is always getting stronger, faster and more athletic.

Our holistic approach encompasses the FULL package of health.

Let us help your athlete reach his or her FULL potential

FULL STRENGTH Minnetonka is owned by Jayme Pantekoek, Adam Kragthorpe and Eric Johnson of Minnetonka’s Impact Hockey. Jayme is general manager and head trainer. Adam co-authors training curriculum and is a staff trainer.

The FULL STRENGTH team has the most combined hockey training experience in the state. We devote ourselves to coaching and getting all of our athletes to FULL STRENGTH in their athletics as well as lives.

If you’re not at FULL STRENGTH you are short handed

FULL STRENGTH is for athletes of all ages. Each program is catered to the group’s ability and age level*.

  • Beginning (0-2 years training age)– These athletes will first focus on how to hold, balance, and transfer their body weight before they progress to learning how to perform the lifts. The emphasis is on learning. (Read more about strength training for young athletes here.)
  • Intermediate (2-4 years training age)- These athletes have the basic lifts down and know the tempo of our “full dose” training. Intermediates typically lift year-round and are transferring from lifting twice a week to lifting three times.
  • Advanced (4+ years training age)– These athletes are at FULL STRENGTH in all of their lifting and training protocols. Training five days a week with three days of lifting and two of speed & plyometric days.

*Training ages are according to how long an athlete has been training, not the age of the athlete.

Right now is the right time to start training at FULL STRENGTH

FULL STRENGTH is a year-long program that caters to the hockey training calendar. This means that every time you step foot into FULL STRENGTH you will be on track to have a successful, healthy, happy hockey season.